About Stillwater Float and Wellness

Stillwater Float & Wellness was founded by Melissa Utley, who practices as a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Melissa became aware of the benefits of floating through her profession and had clients who would travel to other towns in order to get the benefits of floating.  After researching more about floating, she began to share the information with other clients, specifically those with stress, anxiety, PTSD, and pain.


In early 2018, Melissa was involved in two auto accidents.  She was driving in Stillwater when her car was hit head on by another vehicle.  Three days later, she was back behind the wheel when she was rear-ended by another motorist.  These accidents left her with ongoing back and neck pain, among other minor injuries.  It also left her with a great deal of stress and anxiety related to driving.  With this, she took her own advice, and decided to start floating.

Because of the benefits floating has on mental and physical health, Melissa wanted to bring this incredible resource to Stillwater to help other residents find the relief they are looking for, and to help her own healing process as well.


And, by the grace of God, Stillwater Float and Wellness was established.

Floatstilly@gmail.com  -  405-564-5027   -  Fountain Square:

1309 S Western Rd Stillwater, OK 74074 

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